TC is a veteran journalist, media and public relations expert, exceptional producer of content for traditional and social media platforms and a seasoned researcher.

He has assisted countless clients in developing major projects, like the brochure crafted for the public and state lawmakers, illustrating conclusions of a major study of Ohio’s African Americans (available on the right).

He knows first-hand the types of questions probing reporters will ask and he has a real-world understanding of the critical elements that make up a story. He is known for finding obscure but critical data that can help clients shape messages with power and impact.

TC was an essential member of a small bipartisan advisory committee, including a federal judge, former chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents and a U.S. district attorney, to create recommendations to improve operations at the Ohio attorney general’s office. He co-wrote and edited the final public report (available on the right).

Among other appointments, TC has been commissioned to: